Thinking about going pro? You should then read this book.

With the start of real professional rugby in the USA (PRORugby) we thought those who may have a desire to peruse rugby professionally would want to read this book. The title Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary is true to its name and may be reflective of life in the coming early days of professional/ PRO Rugby.  Daniell’s book is an interesting read as it provides great insight to the game from a professional perspective. Daniell, a Kiwi, started in the early days of professional rugby in France. He takes you through what his decade of being a professional was like. Daniell played with Montpellier of the French TOP 14.

Rugby is as much a mental game as it is a physical game and some of what we have to do is mental preparation. Reading this book could be part of that for someone going that direction.

Now you may say why do I want to read about a guy playing professionally in France? What you may not know is that rugby in France is only 2nd to soccer. Professional clubs in France offer some of the most lucrative salaries for playing rugby because there is a demand for rugby. Daniell’s book highlights some of the difficulties of being a professional rugby player, but also some of the experience most of us would love to have had.  The book really demonstrates the competitive nature of rugby in France and sheds light on the overlooked pro game game in France. This is a well written book and really takes you behind the scenes of professional rugby, training, travel, making the cut, contracts, etc.  With the game growing here in the States and the start of professional rugby this book could give you some insight into what’s in store for guys here. It can help you understand that it will be work, it will not be the same for all , as some will be highly stars and some will be journeyman in the game. Life of a pro isn't the same for all players. 

If you aren’t looking to play professionally Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary is still great read, especially if you are in any way a fan of the international game. Remember all of rugby isn’t physical. Reading believe it or not can help your game as well. Check out other books we recommend on our Republic's Reading List page.