The Rugby 7s Tournament Season Is Upon Us.

The 7s season of tournaments is upon us.

This weekend there will be two great rugby 7s tournaments and there is still time to sign your team up, or go watch. 

Rugby Ethos will be hosting their 2nd Annual Rugby Ethos Tournament in Marin this weekend.  So before we dive into the specifics let us give you a few reasons to sign up. The weather in Marin will be excellent so if you want to beat the heat for the day to play 7s this is a great option. If you are in NorCal or the greater Bay Area it’s also easily accessible.
Need more? Ruggers, you’ll love this. There is tournament shirt! We know a lot of guys collect shirts from rugby events (you can see the shirts on-line right now).

The tournament is put on by guys who know rugby and know how to organize an put on events. They have spots for men’s, women’s, and highs school teams. The tourney fees are great (for men its less than $17 per player, and for women and high school sides its less than $15 per player for a great day of rugby 7s). Again this is a well organized event, we strongly suggest if you are looking still to play some 7s and are in Northern California to check this out. Details are on the tournament page (including t-shirt info).

This is the registration link.

The other tournament you all should know about is the Kern Rugby Festival. The Bako Boys are hosting one of the larger tournaments of this summer.  If you are in SoCal or Central Coast you really should consider getting out there this weekend. Now, Kern Rugby wasn’t able to having this become on of the national qualifiers, but it’s still a great planned tournament.  
In addition to this Festival being a 7s tournament, it’s also playing host to one of the five National High School All American (HSAA) 15s Tournament!  The National HSAA coach Salty Thompson is now confirmed to be there look at high school talent. (we posted an interview with him about the Kern Tournament earlier today under the RugbyRepublicReports).   There will be both girls and boys high school sides. If you are a high school rugby player (male or female) who can get to Bakersfield, we suggest you get out there just to see what is going on. There are 16 high school teams slated to play (girls and boys). There are three fields set up just for the HSAA games.

We spoke to the Festival organizer and Kern’s Club President, Wicus Postma and he said that the venue that Kern has secured (Kern County Soccer Park) will have 21 fields available, the day should go by without a lot of delays. For the 7s side there are  4-7 fields set up just for the adult 7s tournament. Several more fields are set up just for the youth 7s.  Wicus said they are hoping to get 20 adult sides for the day. This tournament is going to also award cash prize of $1,500 to the tournament winners ($750 for the Plate Winners and $250 for the Bowl)!   

If you are in NorCal and thus playing in the Ethos 7s you’ll be able to avoid issues with the triple digit heat that most the State will be facing. If you are closer to Bakersfield and want to play 7s but are worried about the heat? Well, Kern will have several Ice Bath Stations, Cooling Tents, and a Beer Garden (for those 21 and over) to address the heat.  

Fee is $250 per team.  Use the link for registration info.

For more info visit their website for details.

Both the Rugby Ethos 7s and Kern Rugby Festival Social 7s have two things in mind having;  a great day of playing 7s, but also growing and promoting the game of rugby in California!  Wicus said “That venue gets over 2,000 kids for youth soccer tournament, so why can’t we get to that point with rugby?”