Did You Know? This Saturday's a Super Rugby Day.

Did You Know? Saturday’s a Super Rugby Weekend!

This is the biggest sporting weekend so far.  A SUPER one, in fact.  Pithy writing aside, step through the looking glass with me into the proper world ahead of you for what will be a Super Rugby Weekend.

Friday night: 
Saturday starts early as Sydney hosts the latest round of the World Sevens Tour, which sees @USASevensRugby in sixth place in the standings, ready to crack back after their disappointing finish last weekend in New Zealand…

…Wait.  What world are we in, when we call mens US rugby in 6th place a disappointment?  Answer: a world in which the US shows signs of competing!

Where can you watch it?  Here.  Use a proper VPN if needed, and donate to EFF while you’re at it.


Saturday morning:
While we’ve all set our alarms for 5 am for a rugby road trip, this weekend you can set them a bit later (6:25 am Pacific, in fact) to watch Le Bleus lose to Italy.  Yes, Six Nations is under way, which means you can watch Scotland club England later in the morning as your son naively asks questions about nationhood and England’s poor showings the past 13 years.

Where can you watch it?  Here.  Again, use a proper VPN, and donate to EFF.

Saturday is a YOUTH RUGBY DAY!  Your favorite youth ruggers, ably documented here, here, and here, will ruck and rumble up and down the pitch relentlessly until the whistle blows and pizza / pop take over.  I couldn’t be prouder helping the kids out – they’re getting back up and charging to the next breakdown, teeth gritted and smiles a’plenty, cheering the kids in us all.  They’re proper ruggers that could teach us all a thing or two.

Where can you watch it?  Everywhere across the US and Canada on weekends.  Rugby is the fastest-growing youth sport, and is a sport for kids of all ages.  Specific to me, we’re going to be at Leland High in San Jose, surrounded by well over 500 kids ranging from 8-14 playing rugby.  It’s an amazing world, one that keeps getting better no matter who thinks otherwise.

Saturday afternoon:
First of all, swing by your buddy’s high school rugby team. Bring boots, because you never know…

America’s Six Nations kicks off for @USARugby as they take on The Pumas in Houston at 5 pm Pacific.  If USA can keep them under 40, and stay within 20, we’ll be stoked.  After all, this isn’t Sevens we’re talking about…

Where can you watch it?  You mean other than in Houston, live?  (How long is that drive from Santa Cruz?)  Here, live on ESPN3 thanks to a growing relationship with ESPN, and the next day.

Sydney Sevens continues.  VPN-away.

You had a pizza and a pop with your kids, so have a pint with your mate.  Or mates.

Sunday morning:

Six Nations continues, and feel free to drown your den with the din of “Delilah” as Wales wins a bruiser against Ireland. 

Where can you watch it?  Here.  Again, use a proper VPN, and donate to EFF.

Editorial Note- Brian has chosen Wales, we still think it open. 

Editorial Note- Brian has chosen Wales, we still think it open. 

That’s it, folks.  You’re spent, and it’s been a blast.  You’ve seen old friends, shouted lyrics to amazing songs that your kid shouldn’t (but really should) learn, run around a pitch calling a ref “Sir” and your kids “guys”, and maybe had a pint or two.

Thats Brian in the middle who wrote this entry. 

Thats Brian in the middle who wrote this entry. 

You deserve an entry back through the looking glass, back to the States.  Take a break.  Mow your lawn, walk the dog, and catch up with your reading for the rest of the Sunday.  It’s been a Super weekend.  Perhaps there’s some football on the TV?