Tony Ridnell The Change USA Rugby Needs

Here we share a links to videos from Tony Ridnell (used with his conset). Check out his site for more on Tony's positions. Tony is seeking to become the Chairman for USA Rugby.  This is diffrent than the Chief Exectuive Officer (CEO) which is held by Dan Payne.

We all have had our issues with USA Rugby if you've been around the game for any period of time. USA Rugby not only handles our international sides, but also regulates all levels of rugby including the club rugby many of you play with. You'd have frustrations about the state of the game? Frustrated why overall with all this talent and athletes we can't get beyond being a middle-of-the-pack Tier 2 Nation? Why we don't see more rugby on TV? Your list of questions may be extensive but a lot of it is rooted in how USA Rugby has been run in the past. A team of Dan Payne as the CEO and a former USA Eagle and current successful business CEO himself Tony Ridnell can move us forward. Its our right as dues paying members of USA Rugby to request and promote the selection of Tony Ridnell. He has a plan, he has a vision, he has both rugby and business experience and he has integrity. So check out a few of these videos, follow him on Twitter @tonyridnell where he is super active and retweet if you agree and/or support Tony. Tweet at @USARUGBY and Tony with the #TRForChairman.  

There are several great videos in which Tony breaks down the issues facing the USA Rugby union and why he'd like to be the next Chairman of the Board for USA Rugby. 

On Chairman Job

Tony Ridnell on Integrity, USA Rugby Board, CEO Neutering, & Congress making a Bold Move!

Tony Ridnell on USA Rugby Chairman job, & an Education on RIM