Defending The Title: Surfers are back for more!

The San Diego Surfers 2015

The San Diego Surfers 2015

This weekend is the Club 7s National Championships in Iowa for both the men’s and women’s sides. The championship tournament will feature the defending Women’s Club 7s National Champions the San Diego Surfers! The Surfers have made it back to the Nationals to defend their title this weekend and are looking to repeat as champions! The Surfers are one of three women’s’ sides from California (and we are going to feature all three) seeking to win the championship. We wanted to catch the Surfers before they headed out for Nationals and we were able catch up with the Surfer’s Captain Kara Mathews for a quick insight into the Surfer’s preparation for this weekend.

Rugby Republic (RR)-How much does playing at a high level all year help with these short 7s seasons?
Kara Mathews (KM)- Surfers play in the Women's Premier League (WPL) for 15s so that definitely helps maintain a high level of rugby beyond the summer 7s season. We also have 7s players who train year-round at either the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista or the American Pro Rugby Training Center, as well as playing on traveling teams like the Stars and Atlantis which also helps.

RR-It seems the level of 7s in general is improving, do you think that changes your approach going into the weekend.
KM-The level of 7s is definitely improving and there will be some tough competition this weekend. Our team’s approach will remain the same as we head into this weekend’s games. 

RR- Of the pools for this weekend is there a pool you feel it tougher than the others? Are you happy with the draw the Surfers got?
KM-There is some tough competition in Pool D so those will be fun games to watch. We are happy with our pool but we would be happy with any of the pools. We are just excited to be heading to Nationals and looking forward to playing some good 7s rugby!

RR-What is one key thing you feel needs to happen for the Surfers to win and be champions again?
KM-In 7s the outcome can change with the bounce of one ball. We need to do whatever it takes to get the ball to bounce in our favor and score more tries than the teams we play.

Thank you to Kara and the San Diego Surfers for their time! We are wishing the Surfers and all the California sides the best of luck this weekend. You can learn more about the Surfers by visiting their site or on Twitter @SDSurfersRugby.  #HerRugbyCounts