NorCal D2 Kickoff Tournament

NorCal's second division (D2) will be kicking off their season this weekend in San Jose with a tournament featuring all the clubs. 

The tournament will allow for the teams which are spread out across the vast geographical swath of land that makes up NorCal to consolidate games into a "super sites" or accessible locations that would reduce some of the travel and distance issues for some of the Division's clubs. 

The tournament will be held on two pitches at Piedmont Hill High School (in San Jose). One a turf and one a grass surface will ensure that teams have sufficient space to play the number of games planned (and factor in some of the recent weather). 

The teams slated to participate in this tournament this weekend are Silicon Valley RFC, Berkeley RFC, Bay Area Baracus, San Jose Seahawks, Diablo Gaels, Fresno RFC, Sacramento Blackhawks, the Sacramento Capitals and Napa Wine Thieves. Vacaville Old Dogs have pulled out of the tournament as of now.  So nine teams will be competing on Saturday to start off the year. 

The current format will ensure each team has an opportunity to play two matches. It is the intent of the organizers to have two games of 50 minutes, but they are trying to schedule it so that at least one game is 60 minutes long to ensure the boys do get a good run in. 

The games will start in the morning (as of now the schedule us being modified) with local teams taking the field and the teams who are traveling greater distances (i.e. Fresno RFC, Sac Caps and Sac Blackhawks) playing later in the day to allow for the travel time. 

This will be an interesting year in NorCal's D2 as there are some changes. San Jose Seahawks, Fresno RFC and Sac Blackhawks are all dropping down after playing in NorCal's D1 the past few seasons (Blackhawks were there only last season).  You also have some well established sides who've had a good run in D2 last year with the likes of the Sac Capitals, Napa and then a few other clubs who've moved down to D3. So now the question is how much parity will there be in the Division and who will come out on top?