Want to run faster this year???

For most clubs in California, the season is starting. Clubs are starting up training but there is some time still to improve in the pre-season before the start of regular season (for youth, college, or seniors). We know that speed is weapon and both glute stabilization and activation are keys to that. This isn't for just the wingers/speed guys. If you are a Hooker and work on this and can then run faster that your opposite are you going to have the advantage?  So this is for any and all players on the pitch. Work on this and see if you improve by the time it matters. 

So if you didn't take advantage of the off season to get faster, you still have time.

We are sharing this video to help you which was done by friend of our site, professional rugby strength and conditioning coach and rugby player, Billy Coffey!  There are more videos on his YouTube Channel. 

You can follow Billy on YouTube but also on Twitter @billycoffeypt on Instagram  @BILLYBASCOFFEY or his site www.bcpersonaltraining.com.au