Rugby Blasphemy: No Alcohol For Ruggers?

We all know for senior rugby and to that extent for some college rugby (players 21 and over) that drinking (alcohol) has been a big part of the social component of the game. It’s been a integral part of rugby cultural and no one refutes that.  We do know that it’s only been in the modern area that rugby has taken on the professional aspect and with that comes a greater pressure, need and desire to be more competitive.  That pressure is tied to improving performance. While we aren’t saying that going to the social, having a drink or the occasional drink up is an issue, this video using facts by our friend Billy Coffey (Pinpoint Athlete) does go against what many have done for years.  

Warning, some will call Billy’s video rugby blasphemy!  However it is based on fact. Use/consumption of alcohol can have an impact on your training, play and performance.

So we ask you to watch this video for yourself and make your own decisions.

 If you want to play social rugby, have fun and a few drinks as reward go for it. However if you are seeking to play at the top level, maximize your performance and get results for all your hard work, we suggest you implement some of the information from this video that may seem as rugby blasphemy.

Now we should say that Billy knows what he’s taking about. In the past he’s been like any other rugger with the ability to fully enjoy the drink up, but as you learn and get more information you should adjust and adapt if you are seeking to improve as player.  So we love that Billy is now focusing on performance and learning from his own experience and research that is out there.